Thank you for your support. The production of an independent film requires the helping hands of many so we can provide unadulterated and passionate views without marketing inhibitors. Your donations have a pivotal contribution to this film and a true display of kindness. As we continue in the production of "Adventurmentalism", we ask that you continue to share our film with your family and friends. Thank you all for your kindness, and we'll see you at the festivals!



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Cull of the Wild (









Grand Prize GoPro Hero 4: Benjamin Nyugen, Juneau, AK.


Grand Prize $500 Cash: Courtney Mckinney, Prescott, AZ. 


Grand Prize ERA Helicopter tickets: Michelle and Michael Vaughn


Grand Prize ATA Whale Watching: Mary Krakora, Reno, NV.


Adventurmentalism RewardsPackage: Daniel Collazo, Germany


Aurora Projekt Hoodie: Megan Kress, Mequon, WI.


North Star Trekking T-Shirts: Michelle Rogers, Juneau, AK

                                                    Tracy Olson, Juneau, AK

                                                    Desiree Downey, Juneau, AK

                                                    Justin Dupuis, Woodstock, CT


North Start Trekking Hat and Bottle: Jacob Lauten, Juneau, AK


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